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Temple Complex

Company about

When Avadhutas want to leave their physical body they plan accordingly. Mata gave thought to Her Sansthan to purchase a huge piece of land at Paradsinga and construction was started in the year 1992. Mata moved to Dhyan Mandir from village and the home where Mata lived in village is preserved and converted into Mandir by Sansthan. Under her supervision Sansthan has constructed Dhuni, Mandir, and Prasadalaya. After accomplishment of construction, Mata fell ill in June which was merely an excuse to leave her physical body and mentally prepare her devotees. After 6 months, on 10th of January 1997 Mata left her physical form. Right from that moment her immortal body started showering love and affection on devotees. Now lakhs of people are relished with blessings of Mata – Aadi Parashakti, Dattavatarini SHREE VIDEHI SATI ANSUYA MATA.

  • Bhakt Nivas

Shree Sati Ansuya Mata Sansthan, Paradsinga providing well furnished accommodation for nominal charges.

  • Prasadalaya

Mata bestowed prasada to many people in many forms. Free prasada is offered by Sansthan for 24 hours in Prasadalaya, which is very precious.