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Samadhi Mandir

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Mahasamadhi is the act of leaving one's body intentionally. Avadhutas show some excuse to leave their physical form and Mata has also done the same. Devotees and Samsthan could not take it. Their fear grew immeasurably as they were merged in the aversion of losing Mata. They did all that they could do by performing poojas, yagnas and yagas for her recovery but all in vain. Once Mata has taken decision who can change it, Mata took mahasamadhi early in the morning on 10th of January 1997 (Pausha Shukla Dwiteya) on Friday.

The news of Mahasamadhi spread rapidly, thousands of devotees came running to Paradsinga to have last darshan of Mata. Mata's physical form was not buried for three days and devotees were allowed to have darshan. Before the samadhi, Mata was given a final auspicious bath with panchamrutas and it was conspicuously noticed that Mata's body remained lively and soft though precautions were not taken. Early in the morning on 12th Mata's body was placed in samadhi. A temporary statue of Mata was placed near samadhi. Soon on the occasion of Mata's Janmotsav on 5th May in the year 1998 a statuesque marble statue was installed.

Samadhi Mandir is a numinous place as Mata's physical body is here. The statue represents the mother of whole world. The statue is a image of Mata which is elegant, charming and full of grace. Mata sits in a relaxed posture with a coconut in her hands gazing at her devotees.

Her dazzling eyes showering prodigious love and angelic smile on Her lips makes her devotees forget the entire world and lead them into elated and rapturous world of devotion. Here, devotees prey for their desires, ask for help, thank Mata for her immense love for them. Till date no body went home empty handed and devotees wholeheartedly believe that Mata herself is sitting there.

Mata is given a holy bath in the morning, offered breakfast, lunch and dinner, and aarti, the classy cloths she wears on and the alluring crown she is adorned with increases her beauty. At night a thick blanket is spread on the samadhi. Every morning at six o' clock abhishek is performed. Visitors may also donate clothes for Mata, which will be wrapped around the statue. Aarti is a form of worship with music and lights. Aarti always plays a vital role and this time Mata welcomes all her devotees with lot of love and embrace them.