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Sati Ansuya Mata Hospital

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About 72% of the populations of the country live in rural India whichsati ansuya mata hospital leads us to a fact that India lives in villages. In spite of being a vast country and 2nd largest populated country in the world the health status of the country has to be improved.

SATI ANSUYA-MATA HOSPITAL would like to venture into this area so as to create a model incorporating all the features. Located in rural surrounding the place is 70 km off Nagpur in the State of Maharashtra, India. The aim is to emulate and replicate this model to other parts of the country particularly in the economically back ward people. It is proposed to have 250 beds with basic broad specialties, supplemented with diagnostic services including an ultrasound, ICU and an operating room. The facility will be geared up to handle and support all national health programs, Counseling services, NGO participation, preventive health, Sanitation, Hygiene and safe water supply to the community apart from patient/consumer education and awareness on rights and responsibilities. The basic issue is to regain the trust of the community on the public health facilities. The areas of concern in order to achieve the trust are:


Sansthan is planning to develop and implement state-of-art health delivery system for providing quality healthcare facilities at an affordable price for all and to conduct research and development studies for bringing policy changes in the healthcare delivery system globally especially in these rural areas for a better and healthy generation ahead.

Upcoming Projects


Nursing College

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Nursing College & Training Centre starting in the year 2014-15.



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Primary and Middle School starting in the year 2014-15.



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Auditorium hall for senior citizens with good amenities and other facilities.