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Dhyan Mandir

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Dhyan Mandir, the place where Mata lived for five years after moving from paradsinga village till her Mahasamadhi, is a divine place to be at. The significance of this place is eminent as Mata has spent her time here in her physical form. The sacred vibrations here are unending, prevailing and can be indubitably felt. Even today whoever enters Dhyan Mandir can feel the tremendous power and abysmal love of Mata. Her presence is very much felt here in every corner of the temple.

The several paintings on walls denominate Mata's leelas evidently. A majestic, stunning and widespread bed composed of marble with a royal headboard feature was built for Mata, on which Mata spent her whole time. On the right side of the bed a stone is placed which Mata used to break almond nuts. An elegant portrait is placed on that bed after samadhi. Everyday aarti and naivedya are offered to Mata in the same way.

There is a great diversity at this place as some of them perform pradakshina, some read holy books, some offer their offerings and others kneel down and prostrate before Mata's image. The gratifying, most pleasing, remarkable aspect is that the devotees love Mata as their own mother and respect her as the Almighty. Mata's meticulousness nature towards her devotees is always evident. The fascinating, delightful magnetic attraction we get at one sight of Mata and the ecstatic and euphoric world we enter into in the very first thought of Mata are indescribable.