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Dhuni is important in many traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and it is the main fragment of Datta Parampara. Dhuni is the sacred fire made to honor the spirit of God. Dhuni, the pillar of fire burns ceaseless day and night forever (Nityagnihotri). The whole universe is made of fire which is manifestation of energy therefore Dhuni is the symbol of Chidagni. Dhuni is the most direct way to offer our prayers. Aside from the offering of sacred fuel, mantras are also offered to dhuni. Dhuni has power of desolating all defile sins and burns them to ashes.

Udi, the sacred ash of the fire is considered very powerful and pious. Udi is salient for its healing power. Udi is distributed as a token of grace and blessings of Mata to devotees for their progress and protection.Even today after naivedya is offered to Mata, it is first put into Dhuni.

Mata lightened fire in dhuni for many Sai temples. Dhuni at Paradsinga is much more paramount and virtuous as it is Mata's place.